When I'am updateing I get the message that all records are corrupted.But I think my vsftpd print a normal xferlog here a sample record="Fri Oct 8 22:05:31 2004 4 196608 /incoming/PC_DTR_Race_Drover_2.jpg b _ o r hans wurst 0 * i"
In the config I have typed in the following format "%time3 %other %host %bytesd %url %other %other %method %other %logname %other %code %other %other"
I also try a different way,I removed all %other so I get this "%time3 %host %bytesd %url %method %logname %code" and this record "Fri Oct 08 21:30:46 2004 2424832 /archiv/mp3/arsch.mp3 i ae11 0"(isn'T the same url,but that doesn't matter) But the record
is still corrupted.