Move last years stats to new server

  • Dave Filchak

    Dave Filchak - 2011-08-11

    Can someone tell me what the best way to move stats data from an old server to
    a new server ( Linux ). On the new server we currently have only the last week
    or so available as that is how long we have been on the new server. However, I
    would like to move the data from the old server somehow so that those stats
    are also viewable on the new server. Any way to do that?



  • Jean-Luc

    Jean-Luc - 2011-08-11

    Hi Dave,

    You just need to copy the old AWStats data files from the DIrData directory of
    the old system to the DirData directory of the new system.

    If the AWStats config name has been changed, you have to rename the old data
    file with the new config name.

    You probably have an August data file on the old system and another August
    data file on the new system. There is no standard AWStats solution to merge
    these files. So you have to make a choice of the one you want to keep (or you
    have to manually merge them).

    Jean-Luc, AWStats Services by

  • Dave Filchak

    Dave Filchak - 2011-08-12

    Thanks Jean-Luc. Worked like a charm.



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