P.S. Knight - 2011-07-09

My hosting service shows that I have AWStats 6.5 (build 1.857

I've done searches on this question here but see only very old posts to which
no response was ever given. Hopefully this attempt will garner more success.

IF there is no such modality within AWStats, could anybody be so kind to
refer me to some simple stat app or non-spamming statware site that could give
me the ability to check how many visits a particular page got an any given day
? Please note that _ I need check pages also that are secure (those that are
username/password protected) so said alternate app or site would have to be
able to access those pages without anyone being able to actually visit the
pages -- these are for members-only pages.. _

I say freeware or donationware because I am not a business owner with
corporate budget, just someone who owns, designs and administers a small FYI
type of website.

Thank you.

~ P.S. Knight