Listed Robots started showing as hosts

  • Trevor

    Trevor - 2012-10-25

    I have tried the FAQ's and general google search to try an figure this out. I am hoping someone can give me another theory to work on.

    We use AWStats 7, we currently are using Apache Logs in the standards '1' format. Out logs were not getting downloaded for months without my knowledge. I fixed the log transfer and went to add the backdated logs into AWStats, which worked just fine, but now my "Hosts" are filled with different crawlers... Googltbot, MSNBot, etc... I made sure my file was in place.

    I have even tried completely removing and re-installing the software thinking that something may have corrupted a config or change a point. The exact same thing is happening again (I started a new domain config file with the rebuild). Has this type of thing happened before?

  • Albrecht Mueller

    I am using AWStats 7.0 (build 1.977) and I observed at least one IP that accessed the robots.txt file (and therefore should qualify as a bot) and is listed in the allhosts.html file. I did not analyze this problem in detail, but I assume that there are more bots counted as regular visitors.

    The IP seems to belong to a new bot which seems to stay quite a while on the site, resulting in a unusual high average of the visits duration value.

    My first idea would be to look for a new version of AWStats. Maybe there is one which does not show this problem. I did not try this yet, however.

  • Albrecht Mueller

    Upgrading to AWStats 7.1 (build 1.982) did not solve the problem.

  • Trevor

    Trevor - 2012-10-29

    I would be less concerned if there as only 1 or 2 bots showing in my lists. Unfortunately all BUT 2 bots are showing in my top hosts lists suddenly. I attached an images to help show what I mean.


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