History file ignored, says never updated

  • Jonathan Lynch

    Jonathan Lynch - 2011-09-29

    When I browse to awstats.pl?config=mysite, the statistics page shows all 0s
    and gives the error:

    Never updated (See 'Build/Update' on awstats_setup.html page)

    I have manually updated from command line, and history files exist in DataDir.
    I have looked and the text files contain stats. Then why does awstats say no

  • Jonathan Lynch

    Jonathan Lynch - 2011-09-29

    Okay I think the problem was selinux. I'm not sure because I turn off selinux
    to test but stats still show 0. Turns out browser caching prevent me from
    seeing if my fix works. But I think it was selinux. Did:

    chcon -R --reference /var/www /var/lib/awstats

    so apache could access the history.


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