Mark - 2012-04-18

setup is 2003 Server Standard SP2 running IIS 6.0
activeperl 5.8 installed and awstats 6.9

Issue: when running update from the command line the process hangs at phase2
and the process has to be cancelled after leaving it for a few hours.

I have the exact same configurations on an almost identical server only with
service pack 1 and they work fine.
However I have copied the IIS logfiles from my SP2 server to the SP1 and tried
to update using awstats there with the exact same configs and perl version
etc. but same problem hangs at phase 2.

I have dnslookups switched off and am trying to use GEOIP from maxmind.
When I turn off GEOIP the update runs normally and quite fast, but when GEOIP
is enabled it hangs at Phase 2.

I suspect something in service pack 2 of windows does something to the IIS
logfile that causes this that somehow related to the use of GEOIP, but so far
nothing i have tried has solved the problem.

Any help is very welcomed.