Ev - 2010-06-08

Hello all,

I've recently installed awstats on CentOS 5.5. We are attempting to use this
as are centralized logging system. On the main awstats website it states it
can log syslogs however I am having a hard time determining the correct log
format to collect these logs. In the awstats configuration file I have set the
log file to /var/log/messages. An example of a log here is..

Jun 6 17:52:28 log-server yum: Installed: httpd-2.2.3-43.el5.centos.i386

so for log format I have set it to

Log format="%time3 %host

I'm unsure what would be the third variable in this case. Also is awstats
efficient for what I am trying to do? We want to have a centralized management
system with a good frontend to be able to view these logs, however Splunk is
too expensive for our operations. Any help would be much appreciated.