webx - 2012-08-02

I set up awstats to monitor many virtual apache hosts, it works (almost) ...
Exploitation/integration of logs seems to be correct !

I had into my cron.hourly directory my own script which get log files from
apache clusters and I merged them.
Then, I execute the awstats.pl command as below :

/usr/share/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/awstats.pl -config=/etc/awstats/awstats.vhost1.conf -update

If I set the value : AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=0, Statistics are never
Even if awstats.pl found new data !!! Look at the log below :
When I refresh my browser, an old last update time is shown !!

Create/Update database for config "/etc/awstats/awstats.vhosts1.conf" by AWStats version 7.0 (build 1.971)
From data in log file "/var/log/httpd-prp/vhosts1.custom.log"...
Phase 1 : First bypass old records, searching new record...
Direct access to last remembered record has fallen on another record.
So searching new records from beginning of log file...
Phase 2 : Now process new records (Flush history on disk after 20000 hosts)...
Jumped lines in file: 0
Parsed lines in file: 6442
 Found 256 dropped records,
 Found 0 comments,
 Found 0 blank records,
 Found 0 corrupted records,
 Found 4386 old records,
[b] Found 1800 new qualified records.[/b]

If I set the value : AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=1, Statistics are updated
BUT I need to update it manually as describe in the documentation, so if I
don't update it through the browser I lost statistics !!!

Thank you very much for your help