problem with sum of origins

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    in the section "origin" there are listed the number of pages which are visited from search engines, external links etc.

    The sum of all these numbers should be equal to the number of pages in the summary section, isn't it?

    But in fact the sum of origins is less than the sum in the summary section.

    What is the reason for this?


    • the real duch

      the real duch - 2004-09-15

      I don't have a clue either,

      Could someone answer this one please?

    • Thorsten Franzke

      Hi Michael,

      if I am not getting you totally wrong, you are asking the question why the number of pages in the summary section is by far larger than the number of pages in the origin section, right?

      If you think it through, it's answered quite easily:

      If someone comes from an external site (SE, link, or whatsover) then only the FIRST page opened is considered to be a page caused by an external referer. Any subsequent pages are regarded as "normal" page views (without increasing the total number pages in the origin section). On top of that there certainly will be people knowing your webadress and by this directly entering the address into the browser and directly accessing the page (without any referer).

      Did this answer your question?

      Best regards,


    • the real duch

      the real duch - 2004-09-21

      unfortunately it does not answer the problem.

      take this example :

      nb of pages in summary : 28936

      origin stats :
      direct access/bookmarks : 20972 (i assume this include internal traffic since it represents 94.4% of origin stats!!!)
      Newsgroup : 0
      search engine : 667
      external : 565
      unknown : 3

      the direct access figure seems abnormally high, which would make me think it counts internal traffic, but in such case the sum of it would be the same as summary and it is not.

      what could it mean?

      • Thorsten Franzke

        The 'origin/connect to site from' stats only gives you an impression where people came from. Roughly, one might say: only the first access is considered and not what they've done afterwards.

        Best regards,


    • the real duch

      the real duch - 2004-09-22

      if only the first access is counted, this would mean that 77% (sum of origins / nb of visits) of my visitors only see one page.
      and if they see only one page, i should have at least something like 20972+667+565+3 = 22207 visits, right?

      Why do i only have 2259 visits and 1713 unique visitors then?

      really i don't get it.

      • Thorsten Franzke

        hmmpfff... Let me sleep over this one.

        Best regards,


        PS: Remind me if I sleep to long, though.


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