trounoir - 2004-10-17


I wanted to use awstats for squid logs but the CONNECT method (used by squid when you connect to https site) is not taken into account for the stats.
Here is the error message I get:
Dropped record (method/protocol 'CONNECT' not qualified when LogType=W)
There is the same problem with the PROPFIND method.
I think the code is easy to change but perhaps it is better to create another LogType than W for proxies?
Is this problem known?
Is there any reflection about this problem?
I've seen the same problem with the PROPFIND method.

Other question, is there anything being done about the sort order of URLs. For proxies, it's much more interesting to look at the bandwith rather than the number of times a page is seen ...

Thankyou for your answers,