Peter Slavov - 2011-12-15

I am using debian stable with lighttps for serving static content - I have a
strange problem with the traffic calculation from awstats. The traffic is
almost twice the real traffic size - I even manually analyzed the logged
sizes and sum them to be sure. Also the Ethernet interface shows the real size
of the outgoing bandwidth.
I used LogFormat = 4 and custom log format but no change
I am using 3 geoip plugins - geoip, geoip_city_maxing and geoip_asn_maxmind
which are working correctly

I am using awstats 7.0, but before that tried with version 6.9.5

Also I wanted to recreate the stats when I added the geoip plugins and to do
that I deleted the files in /var/lib/awstats/ to be able to do that and then
run the again

Can you tell me what the problem might be or what I am doing wrong