uidzero - 2011-01-09

I have awstats filtering apache logs across 12 of my web servers. The script I
have runs the perl script to update the data every night after the access log
rotates shortly after midnight gmt. There is one conf file for each site and
it specifies the folder on the san to where the copied apache log resides.
This has worked very nicely.

Here is where the problem comes in. A large client site was moved at the end
of december from server04 to server12. In the conf file, i changed the folder
to where to find the current apache access log to filter. Since the site was
moved, it is always returning 0 matched records. I can't make sense of it. It
sees x number of records in the log and there are no errors related to log
format or that it can't find, it just shows 0 matching records. There are 2
reg exp defined; one for the site name (which hasn't changed) and one for IP
filter which excludes all addresses (stats only for outside traffic).
I looked at yesterdays' access log and I see activity from the outside and the
reg exp of the site name in there but yet shows 0 matches.

I can't make any sense of it.