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No Month or Year Combo

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi, cany anyone help please?

    There is no Month and Year combo or the OK button to view previous pages.

    I am running version 6.0 on W2K server, and all statistics are fine execept that I cannot go to the previous months. And have allowed the NTFS permissions and configured the AllowToBrowserStatsFromBrowser to 1.

    Could someone please offer some help?


    • dotwebs

      dotwebs - 2004-10-03

      This looks like what I discovered. I chose AWStats because I saw it running on a server in a frameset, where the menu was in a side frame - there was a dropdown menu for months/years and a filtering system on all the lists. But when I switched on the one on my shared server (it was already installed) - a static page appeared for the current month only - and no way to filter the lists.

      It seems that there are two ways is can run, through the cgi-bin or not. You must not be running it through your cgi-bin.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      has anybody solved this problem? do i really have to run awstats in interactive mode through cgi-bin script?? currently my stats are generated one time everyday via cron and i can't see the previous mont/year option. please let me know, if you know how to show month/year dropdown in static mode. thanks.


      • Thorsten Franzke

        I'd say that due to the nature of the static page setup there is no easy way to switch between month's

        Best regards,



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