auto updates for many vhosts

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    Hi List,

    we want to have awstats automatically run , i know about the cronjob but bare with me, every night at say 2am, to do an auto matic version of the update now link via users browser.

    users path = /home/apache/hosts/*/cgi-bin/

    users awstats.logs.conf = /home/apache/hosts/*/cgi-bin/awstats.logs.conf

    awstats data dir = /home/apache/hosts/*/cgi-bin/data

    How can i set up a cronjob to run each of my users so that thier stats are updated daily and they dont need to click the update now link.

    I ask as only about 20% of our users view the stats and browser updates die on large log files. Some of our users are complaining about not getting thier stats.

    Any help or guidence is appreciated.

    I think a working answer to this issue will help many others hopefully

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      what kind of control panel are you using? I'm using plesk and followed this tutorial to success. I control tab 1 file everynight at 3am, and it generates the stats for all the sites:

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      No panel. Remote root command line access.

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      yea...well, good luck with that then! ;)

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      it is very easy to do, you do not need to have s control panel, control panels are for a: the very lazy admin or the one who thinks they know how to admin. Anyhow all you need to do is have one in your rott cgi-bin and matt simersons logmonster. He has a great tutorial on how to set it up and it works great.

      You can have this up and running in about 10 minutes


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