AWStats - is not processing the IIS Logs.

  • Anonymous - 2011-03-25

    We are trying to use the AWStats for our web environment hosted on
    IIS6.0/IIS7.0. We have enabled all the log fields like mentioned below

    and update the “awstats.testdomain.conf” with the below details

    1. LogFormat="date time s-sitename s-computername s-ip cs-method cs-uri-stem cs-uri-query s-port cs-username c-ip cs-version cs(User-Agent) cs(Cookie) cs(Referer) cs-host sc-status sc-substatus sc-win32-status sc-bytes cs-bytes time-taken"
    2. LogFile="D:\inetpub\wwwroot\Awstats\TestServer05\u_ex110325.log"
    3. SiteDomain="TestServer05 - appsqa."
    4. LogSeparator=" "

    However, AWStats drops all the records without processing.

    Jumped lines in file: 0
    Parsed lines in file: 37
    Found 34 dropped records,
    Found 3 corrupted records,
    Found 0 old records,
    Found 0 new qualified records.

    Even, we tried with the below LogFormat but the result is same.
    LogFormat="%time2 %host %logname %other %other %other %other %method %url
    %query %code %other %other %bytesd %other %other %other %virtualname %ua
    %other %referer”

    AWStats Version:
    Advanced Web Statistics 6.95 (build 1.943)

    Kindly let us know the correct setting needs to be done to process the


  • Jean-Luc

    Jean-Luc - 2011-03-25


    If the DirData directory already contains AWStats data files, delete them or
    move them to another temporary directory before running such tests.

    If you get the above message when the DirData directory is empty, it is likely
    that your LogFormat is not correct. Paste here a line from your log file if
    you want us to double chek the log format.

    Jean-Luc, InternetOfficer AWStats

  • Vivian Jun

    Vivian Jun - 2011-05-16

    I am having the same issue.
    IIS stores the log in the following format:

    Fields: date time s-sitename s-ip cs-method cs-uri-stem cs-uri-query s-port

    cs-username c-ip cs(User-Agent) sc-status sc-substatus sc-win32-status sc-
    bytes cs-bytes time-taken

    Taken from the logfile which shows the error.



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