#732 Regular expression in "robots.pm" does not work


Are these bugs of AWStats 6.9 ?

The robot ID in my web access log is "Oracle Ultra Search" and I tried to use 'oracle[_+ ]ultra[_+ ]search' in the robots.pm to identify but it did not work. I tried 'Oracle Ultra Search' and 'Oracle_Ultra_Search' but they did not work also. Nothing with the name "Oracle" was shown in the "Robots/Spiders visitors ... Full list" page. I tried many different combinations and finally I found that only 'Oracle' which is case sensitive worked.

My findings were:
1. Regular expression [_+ ] does not work.
2. Robot IDs in the file "robots.pm" are case sensitive.
3. Robot IDs with space does not work.

If I use 'Oracle\ ' as the Robot ID like the lines shown below, the text "Oracle\" is displayed in the "Robots/Spiders visitors ... Full list" page instead of the hyperlink "Oracle Ultra Search".

@RobotsSearchIDOrder_list1 = (
'Oracle\ ',

%RobotsHashIDLib = (
'Oracle\ ','Oracle Ultra Search',


  • Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)

    All id in file are in lower case because the robot search is not case sensitive.
    Did you try
    oracle_ultra_search ?

  • SourceForge Robot

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