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Loe Spee

First I want to say that I did search the tracker and that I could find some similar items, but they were either many years old, or not described enough to be certain it's the same issue.

I know there is a plugin that converts timestamps of records but this seems to be for certain versions of IIS only, and my proposal if independent of whatever webserver is used.

Use case:
A webmaster from Europe has a website running on a server in the USA. There is a 7 hours time difference between the timezone of the server and the timezone of the country where the webmaster is living.

What happens:
When the webmaster looks at the time table presented by AWStats it looks confusing to him, as if the majority of the website visitors visit his website during the night.

What should happen:
The time table should display the results converted to the local time zone of the webmaster.

Possible solution:
AWStats stores all records with a UTC timestamp and displays the time table with a certain time offset specified in the config file.
Or a drowdown menu is presented and the user can select the timezone he or she resides in, which will then convert the report to a localised version. (Possibly with a default setting in the config file.)


  • Chris Larsen

    Chris Larsen - 2010-04-30

    Problem seems to be solved so request is deleted.
    Note that this means problem seems to be solved not necessarily in reported version but may be solved into the next one or into the current CVS development version meaning that it should not appears in next release, so we close the request to not waste time to process it a second time, even if fix is not yet available in an available release.

  • Chris Larsen

    Chris Larsen - 2010-04-30

    Hello, you can use the TimeZone plugin with any web logs, not just IIS. I've modified the documentation in CVS to be a little clearer.


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