License of compiled programs

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    "The Library was previously released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, but from 0.7.5 onwards it too is covered by the GPL." - does this mean that the executables themselves created by compiling AWK programs are covered by GPL?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      That's a good question.  I wish someone would answer it.

    • Andrew

      Andrew - 2006-11-19

      yes, that is correct.  This means that if you distribute binaries of those executables you must also distribute the sourcecode (or otherwise make it publicly available, as per the GPL's terms).  The sourcecode in this instance refers to the C code generated by awka as that's whats linked against the library.  It does not refer to your original AWK script, which does not come under the GPL.

  • pico

    pico - 2012-01-19

    Yes, and that  is the reason why i don´t use the new version. Mostly because i use libs that don´t are GPL even there
    are open source. LGPL works in this case using dinamic linking.
    Hovewer i see this problematic, because this implict that the compiler output is GPL source and pratically it´s as the source
    script file is GPL. Theoreof you are not allowed to compile a copyrighted awk from someone other because doing it is the
    same as sublicensing other works, operation not allowed with the exception if the other works is released under GPL license. 

  • Andrew

    Andrew - 2012-01-19

    Wow, 6 year old thread :)  You can compile a copyrighted AWK program, I don't see a problem there.  Its distributing it that's the issue - if you don't have permission to distribute the original program, you won't be able to distribute the awka-converted program either.

    Awka is very old now (obviously), and had a todo list as long as my arm when I last worked on it 10 years ago.  If I were ever to work on it again, I'd probably start from making a C++ version as described on Brian Kernighan's website, and also reviewing the licensing issues.


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