What's about bug fixes ?

  • belle_eden

    belle_eden - 2003-09-03

    I would like to know if this project is definitively dead or not.
    I explain why:
    recently I had a little project at my work place.
    We had to exclude & reorganize some informations from flat files.
    We chose to make the filtering using awk. But the files to process were really big, and awk seemed to be too slow for all this amount of datas.
    But then, I found awka as a good substitution to awk :
    the generated executables were really fast in comparison of awk scripts !

    I was just a bit astonished that such a usefull program (awka) was no more maintained or (maybe) so less used ! :(

    But awka wasn't exempted of bugs ...
    That concerns mainly growing memory usage when processing really big files (>2 GB) with big lines (>256 characters).

    Nothing that couldn't be fixed in source code, so maybe it would be interesting to add the fix I made if it still has a sense today.

    If *somebody* is interested, I will send my patchs.


    PS: will there ever be a 1.0 version ? :)

    • Andrew

      Andrew - 2003-10-10

      After a long hiatus I've finally started work on Awka again.  I'm very interested in any patches you've done ... if you could send them to andrewsumner@yahoo.com I'll see their included.

      I'll post here about progress with the next version...


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