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radio player disabled

The API has changed and the old version of the AWAAS radio player does not work anymore. This is why I have excluded the radio player from the current 0.55 release. I will try to get out a compatible version of a new radio player in the next few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience to all users of the AWAAS radio feature.

Posted by Florian 2009-07-09

forums moved

The forums have been moved to the newly provided phpBB by sourceforge. You can access them via the "Hosted Apps" link on the sourceforge pages, via the AWAAS homepage or directly via this link:

Please use this forum to report issues, request help or features and look for solutions.

Posted by Florian 2008-09-26

Unicode/UTF-8 support

The 0.52 release is out.
It includes Unicode support for international languages (using UTF-8). The radio station info for e.g. a Chinese track are now displayed right, provided your browser has the right fonts installed. Furthermore, the scrobbling of such tracks should not cause any problems anymore.

Posted by Florian 2008-07-29

0.51 release

The 0.51 release is out.
It is a bug fix release.

I've also added some debugging functions. So you can help improve AWAAS, if you get a message, look for the debug.log and post it's contents and the error in the forum.

Posted by Florian 2008-07-12

first release

AWAAS verion 0.50 has been released.

Thanks to all testers and everyone who made this possible!

Posted by Florian 2008-05-18