AVStoDVD 2.6.0 is available!

Change log:

  • Some bugs fixed
  • Added 'FFmpeg (Safe Mode)' to AC3 Audio Encoding profiles in 'Preferences'/'Audio'
  • Added 'Adjust Frame Strategy' in 'Preferences'/'AviSynth'
  • Added a consistency check to user defined Paths during preferences loading ('Preferences'/'Paths')
  • Added 'FFmpeg (Safe Mode)' option in 'Title Edit'/'Video'/'Video Encoding Profile'
  • Added Auto Crop routine in 'Title Edit'/'AviSynth'/'Crop'
  • Added AviSynth deblocking filter 'Deblock' (by Manao) in 'Title Edit'/'AviSynth'
  • Added AviSynth library 'DeBlock_Int.avsi' (thanks to Didée and Manolito)
  • Added a time cap (2h) to AC3 audio encoding step (Wavi+Aften profile). Overrun leads to process kill and 'FFmpeg (Safe Mode)' start as backup.
  • Added a framerate consistency check vs selected Video Standard to source titles during 'Add Title' routine
  • Added audio ON/OFF control to 'Preview Clip' section
  • Added ffdshow 1.2.4422.0 32bit to Installer package
  • Added GraphStudio beta to NoInstall and Installer packages
  • Added 'Codecs' as new element in Main AVStoDVD Menu
  • Added 'ffdshow Video Configuration' option from 'Codecs' (Main Menu)
  • Added 'ffdshow Audio Configuration' option from 'Codecs' (Main Menu)
  • Added 'Build Graph Filter' option from 'Codecs' (Main Menu)
  • Moved 'AviSynth FrameServing Check' from 'Title' to 'Codecs' (Main Menu)
  • Removed ImgBurn Installer from AVStoDVD Installer Package. There is still a link to ImgBurn webpage.
  • Changed 'Adjust ffdshow Mixer Output at runtime' to 'Adjust ffdshow Settings at Runtime' (now including Raw Video and Raw Audio adjustments for Preview Clip section)
  • Changed maximun number of jobs for batch encoding from 10 to 30
  • Improved AviSynth Script generation routine (revision of functions calls sequence)
  • Improved 'Quick StartUp Tutorial' section
  • Improved 'Fix SRT' routine for authored subtitles
  • Improved log activity (Audio Encoding section)
  • Improved GUI graphics (progress bars color change)
  • Re-organized AviSynth filters options disposition in 'Title Edit'/'AviSynth'
  • FFmpeg updated to build git-8b6aeb1
  • FFMpegSource updated to 2.17
  • NicAudio updated to 2.0.6
  • Haali Media Splitter updated to
  • MKVToolNix updated to 5.8.0
  • MediaInfo updated to 0.7.61
Posted by MrC 2013-02-06

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