AVStoDVD 2.5.0 is available!

Change log:

- Some bugs fixed
- Added Quick StartUp Tutorial to setup main AVStoDVD preferences
- Added possibility to customize GUI language. Support to create translation ini files is welcome!
- Added German GUI language. Many thanks to Manolito
- Added support to HCenc *ZONE command (to increase or lower bitrate for parts of the video)
- Added 160 kbps as supported bitrate for MP2 and AC3 audio encoding
- Added 160 kbps to DVD compliant audio bitrates list for MP2 and AC3
- Added 'Set encoding Priority' in 'Preferences'/'Misc'
- Added 'Encoding Window Style' in 'Preferences'/'Misc'
- Added Preferences Paths integrity check at startup
- Added question messages (Yes/No) with automatic default reply at runtime
- Added 'Seek Chapters' option in 'Title Edit'/'Chapters'
- Added AviSynth library 'Downmix.avsi' (thanks to tebasuna51)
- Added MANONO1/2/3 to available matrix under 'Title Edit'/'Video'/'HCenc Advanced Options'
- Removed 'Display errors messages at runtime' option in 'Preferences'/'Misc'
- Replaced 'Keep DVD Compliant Video/Audio' with 'Video/Audio Direct Stream Copy' in 'Title Edit'
- Replaced 'Spline64Resize' with 'Spline16Resize' as default AVS downsizing filter
- Improved bitrate calculation routine
- Improved FrameRate detection routine with MediaInfo
- Improved support to SubStation Alpha subtitles (ssa/ass)
- Improved 'Fix SRT' routine for authored subtitles
- Improved audio channels downmix routine
- MKVToolNix updated to 5.7.0 (including support to new tracks ID numbering from 5.2.0 release)
- MuxMan updated to 0.16.8
- FFmpeg updated to N-35509
- HCenc updated to 0.26 beta
- MediaInfo updated to 0.7.59

Posted by MrC 2012-09-21

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