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AVStoDVD 2.4.1 is available!

Change Log:

- Some bugs fixed
- Added 'DVD Assets Path' option in 'Preferences'/'Paths'
- Added possibility to customize subtitles color in 'Preferences'/'Authoring'. Limited to authored (not hard-encoded) subtitles, using '-palette' flag in BatchMux
- Added icons legend to Progress Status window
- Added official support to Windows 7 32bit
- Changed max displayed subtitles (embedded in source titles, like mkv or m2ts) from 10 to 100
- Improved source titles drag&drop into main window routine
- Improved source chapters detection routine (now it works for IFO files)
- Improved MKVExtract detection routine
- Improved IDX/SUB subtitles demuxing in 'DVD Parse' section
- MKVtoolnix updated to 4.9.1
- MediaInfo updated to 0.7.47

Posted by MrC 2011-08-16

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