AVStoDVD 2.4.0 beta 110401 is available!

- Some bugs fixed
- Added multi subtitles tracks encoding and authoring capability
- Added support to VobSub subtitles (idx/sub)
- Added support to SubStation Alpha subtitles (ssa/ass)
- Added order tracking during Audio/Subs tracks selection
- Added possibility to open background image from DVD Menu Editor to default image viewer/editor
- Added possibility to use custom images for DVD Menu Thumbnails (Static Menu only)
- Added graphical support to 32bit icons using VB resource library (DLL ActiveX)
- Moved all .ico files to single .dll file for Skins
- Changed 'Default' Skin (thanks to 8ternity for new suite). Old 'Default' is now called 'Classic'.
- Changed 'Default' Splash Screen (thanks to 8ternity). Old 'Default' is now called 'Classic'.
- Changed default authored subtitles format from 'Tahoma 18pt Bold' to 'Tahoma 18pt'
- Added 'Menu Templates Path' option in 'Preferences'/'Paths'
- Removed 'Local AppData Path' option in 'Preferences'/'Paths' (discontinued)
- Improved 'Fix SRT' routine for authored subtitles
- Added MKVtoolinx 4.5.0 to AVStoDVD Installer package
- FFmpeg updated to r28671
- MediaInfo updated to 0.7.42

Posted by MrC 2011-04-01

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