#4 no one of project properties changing


when i try to change project properties just no thing happens. i cant chane optimization level or debug information or other compiler options.
eclipse 3.4.2 / plugin
is there a answer?


  • Thomas Holland

    Thomas Holland - 2009-04-26

    Hi anonymous,

    could you be more specific? What options did you change and what was the output from build process? Which build configuration have you modified, which are building with? (Modifying the settings for one configuration, but building a different configuration could explain what you are seeing).

    P.S. once you had a chance to read this I will move this tracker entry to the more appropriate 'Support' category.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i tried to change generating debug info in avr assembler->Debugging from no debuging info to otherconditions and no thing happens

    i tried to change optimization level from no optimization(-O0) to other conditions(-O1 ,-O2,-Os) and no thing happens
    when i build project just Default configuration build is in consule
    i want to use delay.h header file but every time i get optimization warning

  • Thomas Holland

    Thomas Holland - 2009-04-27

    To look further into your problem I need the '.project' and '.cproject' files of your project. You can either attach them to this tracker item or (probably easier) mail them to me directly (thomas@innot.de).

    By the way, what operating System are you using?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hi thanks fo r reply
    i use windows xp sp2
    I sent the files you told me to your email

  • Thomas Holland

    Thomas Holland - 2009-04-28

    Moved item from 'Bugs' to 'Support Requests' as for now there is no indication that the problem is caused by a bug in the plugin.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    but still I dont why such thing happens?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hi innot are you know what is my problem?
    for example when i go to optimazation combo box and try to change it the only item that could be seleted is (no optimization -O) and ETC...

  • Thomas Holland

    Thomas Holland - 2009-05-02


    I still have no idea why you cannot change the optimization level. The list is hardcoded in the plugin and there is no "ETC..." string anywhere in the plugin. Can you make a screenshot of the optimization settings dialog, just like the one I send you via eMail?


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