The package AVR.EEPROM allows reading and writing of the on-chip EEPROM memory.

with System;
with AVR.MCU;

package AVR.EEprom is
   pragma Preelaborate;

   --  indicate, if EEprom is ready for a new read/write operation
   function Is_Ready return Boolean;

   --  loops until EEprom is no longer busy
   procedure Busy_Wait;

   subtype EEprom_Address is System.Address range 0 .. AVR.MCU.E2end;

   --  read a value from the specified address
   function Get (Address : EEprom_Address) return Unsigned_8;
   function Get (Address : EEprom_Address) return Unsigned_16;

   procedure Get (Address : EEprom_Address; Data : out Nat8_Array);

   --  store a value at the address
   procedure Put (Address : EEprom_Address; Data : Unsigned_8);
   procedure Put (Address : EEprom_Address; Data : Unsigned_16);
   procedure Put (Address : EEprom_Address; Data : Nat8_Array);

end AVR.EEprom;


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