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AVR-Ada V1.2.1 sources uploaded

The source distribution of V1.2.1 has been uploaded to Sourceforge. For changes see the bottom of the Release Notes V1.2 in the wiki

Posted by Rolf Ebert 2012-11-24

AVR-Ada V1.2: build script and patches available

In preparation of the V1.2 release I uploaded an updated build script and the patches for gcc and binutils.

These files are in a special package called avr-ada-1.2.0p.tar.bz2

For building your cross compiler you will need a unix-ish environment, either Debian or Windows with the latests MinGW. You also need a native gcc-4.7 Ada compiler. Probably you will have to build that first before delving into building the AVR-Ada compiler.

Posted by Rolf Ebert 2012-07-21

gcc-4.3.2 patches available

released patches and build script for building an Ada AVR cross compiler based on gcc-4.3.2

Posted by Rolf Ebert 2008-09-24

prerelease of AVR-Ada V0.5.0

I released tentatively version V0.5.0 of AVR-Ada. It contains many additions in the AVR support library and was updated to the latest AVR Studio version for the support of microprocessors

Posted by Rolf Ebert 2007-09-24

AVR-Ada V0.4.1 released

The linker (avr-ld) of the binary packages now generates correct code for avr5 (16k-128K flash memory) targets when called with the --relax switch (default).

Building static libraries with avr-gnatmake no longer requires a host 'gcc' in the search path.

Limited support for new devices: atmega2560 atmega2561 (beta).

mk_ada_app.sh is now working directory independent, and part of the binary packages (i386-Linux, Windows).... read more

Posted by Bernd Trog 2006-06-03

AVR-Ada V0.4.0 released

The part description Ada specs are now based on Atmel's XML part
description files of AVR Studio 4.12 build 473 SP 2 + Atmega644p.

Limited support for new devices: at90can32 at90can64 at90pwm2 at90pwm3
at90usb1287 atmega1280 atmega1281 atmega164p atmega165 atmega165p
atmega169p atmega324p atmega325 atmega3250 atmega329 atmega3290
atmega406 atmega640 atmega644 atmega644p atmega645 atmega6450
atmega649 atmega6490 attiny24 attiny25 attiny261 attiny44 attiny45
attiny461 attiny84 attiny85 attiny861... read more

Posted by Bernd Trog 2006-05-15

gcc-3.4 patch updates

the patches for AVR-Ada to gcc-3.4.4 have been updated to work cleanly together.

A brief description of the various patches is in patch_desc.xls

Posted by Rolf Ebert 2005-08-01

AVR-Ada V0.2.0 available as prerelease

I have made available V0.2.0 of AVR-Ada.
this is still a prerelease to test the packaging. Everything was done on Windows using MinGW or cygwin.

Posted by Rolf Ebert 2004-10-28

gcc patch for gcc-3.4.3 available

A new patch (#1) for AVR-Ada is available for using gcc 3.4.3

Posted by Rolf Ebert 2004-10-11

AVR-Ada V0.1 released

We are proud to announce the first release of AVR-Ada, one of the first
GCC based Ada compilers targeting 8-bit microcontrolers.

Posted by Rolf Ebert 2003-12-05

first pre-release of AVR-Ada

we released the first package of AVR-Ada. This is for testing the actual release V0.1.

Posted by Rolf Ebert 2003-12-04

new gcc patch available

I have just released a new patch file gcc-3.3.2-AVR-Ada-2. It now incudes the essential parts of the standalone patch.

Posted by Rolf Ebert 2003-12-02

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