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Python 2.4.2 / PyWin32 207 - combined setup wizard available

This installer is intended to provide an easy, single-step, freely redistributable method of setting up Python and the PyWin32 extensions. In addition, the installer is meant to have enhanced compatibility with ArcGIS 9.1, so that Geoprocessing Framework users can easily upgrade to a more up-to-date version of Python.

The setup wizard has been updated to Python 2.4.2 and PyWin32 207.

This package is developed using the free, open source InnoSetup compiler. The source script is also available, and is licensed under the same terms as Python itself.... read more

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2006-03-06

PyArcObjects on hold for awhile

I have hidden the PyArcObjects package. The version posted here was based on the makegw code from PyWin32, and was based on ArcGIS 8.x. I could have gotten it working, if I had continued to plug away at it. However, makegw was not the right approach, and 8.x was not the right platform.

A new version of PyArcObjects may eventually appear. Most likely, it will be based on comtypes, once ctypes 1.0 is released. However, there are other options if ctypes does not provide adequate performance for such a large, fine grained suite of libraries.... read more

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2004-11-05

AVPython 1.2.6 released

A crashing bug was reported in AVPython 1.2e with the combination of Python 2.3 and Windows XP. The crashes occurred during project shutdown, or when Python.Reset was called explicitly. The problem now appears to be resolved, so the fix is released as AVPython 1.2.6.

Other than this bugfix, there are no functional changes from 1.2e.

The setup wizard for 1.2.6 is found in the "avpython" file release package at The setup wizard includes an option to install the source code. You can also obtain the source code separately using CVS. In CVS, this release is tagged as AVPython_1_2_6.

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2004-06-29

Python 2.3.4 / Pywin32 201.1 combined setup wizard available

A free, redistributable combined installation wizard for Python and Pywin32 is maintained as part of the AVPython project. This package is developed using the free, open source InnoSetup compiler.

The setup wizard is updated to Python 2.3.4 and Pywin32 201.1, and can be found in the "pythonsetup" file release package at

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2004-06-29

AVPython 1.2e released

This is a minor bugfix, focused mainly on giving better error messages and warnings in the installer and at run-time. It is also pre-compiled with support for Python 2.3 (alpha).

Posted by Bruce Dodson 2003-02-26

AVPython 1.2d released

The Python.ExecLocal API, introduced in 1.2c, had a bug which caused it to crash if the Python code contained an error. This has been corrected. Also, new APIs have been added to help with passing strings back and forth between Python and Avenue.

Posted by Bruce Dodson 2002-10-04

AVPython 1.2c released

This fixes a bug in the new "pylib" feature introduced in 1.2b; it also introduces some new features and has a streamlined build process. See the change log under "Files" for more information. In CVS the release is marked as AVPython_1_2_c.

Posted by Bruce Dodson 2002-09-12

AVPython 1.2b released

1.2b is released. Probably the most useful change is that you can place Python modules under arcview\ext32\pylib and they will automatically be available through the Python "import" statement.
See the release notes for more info. This release is tagged in CVS as AVPython_1_2_b.

Posted by Bruce Dodson 2002-07-29

avTerra wins its category at ESRI International User Conf.

Howard Butler and Patrick Brown of Iowa State University have developed a system called avTerra which integrates the Microsoft TerraServer into ArcView GIS. Much of this application is built in Python, and is integrated into ArcView using AVPython.

Howard and Patrick brought a poster to the ESRI User Conference in San Diego, "Terraserver for ArcView GIS", and won the Map Gallery award for "Best Software Integration". Congrats Howard and Patrick! (And thanks mentioning me on your poster.)... read more

Posted by Bruce Dodson 2002-07-29

AVPython setup update

I just found out that the setup wizard that I released in AVPython 1.2 has a problem. It worked fine in testing, but due to a bug in "setup builder" tool that I use, the [Code] section of the setup script was wiped out in the final release. The result is that, if ArcView is not installed, the DLLs and AVX still get installed. (The scripts were designed to offer a source-only install if ArcView was not there.)... read more

Posted by Bruce Dodson 2002-05-09