PyArcObjects on hold for awhile

I have hidden the PyArcObjects package. The version posted here was based on the makegw code from PyWin32, and was based on ArcGIS 8.x. I could have gotten it working, if I had continued to plug away at it. However, makegw was not the right approach, and 8.x was not the right platform.

A new version of PyArcObjects may eventually appear. Most likely, it will be based on comtypes, once ctypes 1.0 is released. However, there are other options if ctypes does not provide adequate performance for such a large, fine grained suite of libraries.

I would invite someone to come onboard and help with this effort. If you step in now, and are qualified, you have an opportunity to end up as the primary developer / maintainer of this package. Or if you prefer, we can work as co-developers.

One important note about this: Just so we're clear, ArcObjects from Python is not a useful goal in and of itself. Python is a very easy-to-use language, small, dynamic, fast for prototyping. ArcObjects has many strengths, but those are not among them. So, raw ArcObjects + Python is not a fast way to write ArcObjects code; it is just a slow way to write Python code.

So, what we will need eventually, to make PyArcObjects worth doing, is a simple, dynamic, pythonic object library for ArcGIS: one that leverages the power of ArcObjects, but also plays to Python's strengths.

Posted by W. Bruce Dodson 2004-11-05

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