Avogadro 0.9.0 Released

The Avogadro project is proud to announce the availability of Avogadro 0.9.0.

Avogadro is an advanced, cross-platform molecular editor designed for flexible use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas. Packages are available for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows, as well as source code provided under the GNU GPL.

This release includes numerous enhancements and fixes from previous releases
Among the major improvements:
Improved surface and orbital rendering
Import of MOPAC AUX files and on-the-fly computation of molecular orbital cubes and electron density
Multithreaded calculation of orbitals and electron density
Improved Python bindings
Improved molecular mechanics
Rewritten core API
Q-Chem input file generation
Improved user interface
POV-Ray dialog to generate ray-traced images
Many, many more bug fixes and minor feature improvements.

We hope you will contact the development team with any questions, comments or concerns. In particular, if you would like to contribute, or find out how to use Avogadro to fit your needs, we hope to hear from you.

-The Avogadro Project


Release Notes:

Posted by Marcus D. Hanwell 2009-01-27

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