Thank you very much Dave!
I think I am getting used to the periodic world! ;)


2013/5/21 David Lonie <>
On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 9:18 AM, Z <> wrote:
> My apology, it is the left bottom of the mouse...
> Please find attached the POSCAR file.
> I do reproduce the problem, but currently I did not find the
> way to reproduce it regularly. Basically, what I did was
> just keeping pressing the left mouse bottom and rotate the cell
> around different axes (Originally I just wanted to investigate
> the structure).
> It should be worthy to mention, that this problem also occurs
> for VESTA!

Looking at the structures and the images from the first post again,
this is not a bug. The defect isn't moving, but it's remaining in the
plane of atoms with the smallest x coordinate -- in the first screen
shot, the X axis is pointing out of the screen, so the defect is on
the back plane of atoms. After rotating the X axis is pointing down,
so now the defect is on the top. The structure is the same in both
cases, nothing is moving -- it's just a matter of perspective ;-)


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