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This bug tracker for Avogadro is in read-only mode. It presents the state of Avogadro bugs in March 2017. All tickets (open and closed) have been migrated to:

Go there to submit new tickets, comment on existing tickets, or follow ongoing efforts to service the tickets.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated
591 Im thankful for the blog post.Really looking forward to read v_1.0.2 closed 2012-04-06 2012-09-12  
527 Translations only installed for avopkg/apple v_1.0.2 closed Marcus D. Hanwell 2011-04-23 2012-09-12  
525 Segfault when opening files with an xml file ending v_1.0.2 open Geoff Hutchison 2011-04-20 2012-09-12  
523 GAMESS input generator not upated correctly v_1.0.2 closed Marcus D. Hanwell 2011-04-12 2012-09-12  
515 Drawing hydrogens -> crash v_1.0.2 closed Geoff Hutchison 2011-02-09 2012-09-12  
512 NGAUSS vaule doesn not change to 6 v_1.0.2 closed Marcus D. Hanwell 2010-12-17 2012-09-12  
505 Gamess Input file Basis Set wrong v_1.0.2 closed Marcus D. Hanwell 2010-11-13 2012-09-12  
498 gamess compute button v_1.0.2 closed Marcus D. Hanwell 2010-10-21 2012-09-12  
496 Crash on Undo after erasing of any atom with attached H's v_1.0.2 closed Konstantin Tokarev 2010-10-20 2012-09-12  
485 Animation of reaction frames does not alter the bonding v_1.0.2 closed Marcus D. Hanwell 2010-08-12 2012-09-12  
483 crash when creating surfaces v_1.0.2 closed Marcus D. Hanwell 2010-07-22 2012-09-12  
460 MOPAC 2009 >= 10.076L linux can't render MO v_1.0.2 closed Marcus D. Hanwell 2010-03-27 2012-09-12  
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