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New release version 1.1

Version 1.1 enhances previous version by having the ability to be told if a package depends upon other avm packages, which are then loaded automatically when you load the dependant package. You just create a depend file with the following format

Load java
Load another

and this is then sourced when you Load the package.

Posted by Jon 2002-02-13

Weekly update

New release of AVM, version 0.9.1, which is basically a bug fix and a new script avm.version.
Documentation cleaned up and is now readable, sorry about the original format. Go to the Documents section on of the project to view the new documentation

Posted by Jon 2001-10-26

New CVS release

I have released a newer version of AVM into CVS, available via anonyous CVS. I'll create a new tar ball and which should be available Thursday. There is a new script called avm-version which will show you the default version and other versions that are available. syntax is avm-version [application]

Posted by Jon 2001-10-24

First release

The first pre 1.0 release of avm is now available for download

Posted by Jon 2001-10-19

Initial version in CVS

I have uploaded the initial version of avm into CVS. I intend to release this as a tar package shortly. Pls refer to the avm-intro.txt for installation and usage details.


Posted by Jon 2001-10-18

Getting started

Quick update on the status of AVM.
Currently starting to look into various methods to provide the basic framework required to run various versions the same application, accessable from the same workstation. Basic planning is currently ongoing and should be completed by the end of February 2001.

Posted by Jon 2001-02-07