rating grabber broken

  • David Johnson

    David Johnson - 2008-10-20

    It looks like the IMDb grabber isn't able to get IMDb ratings due to a change on their end.

    • David Johnson

      David Johnson - 2008-12-03

      Any update on this?

    • larsb1

      larsb1 - 2008-12-05

      I made a patch for this (relative to 0.9.1) until a new version is released:



    • CyberScream

      CyberScream - 2008-12-10

      After I applied your patch it is only grabbing max 4 actors ( + director ).
      It never grabs more than 4 and they are random picked not as they are in the list ..

      Any suggestions regarding this ?

      btw. thx for your patch :)

      • ohulan

        ohulan - 2008-12-10

        Sorry guys. I'm still quite busy in NYC. I am back next week. I hope I find time for this. Or is anyone interested in taking over maintainership? I'd be happy to help. Maybe we could also switch to a IMDB grabber module on CPAN...

      • larsb1

        larsb1 - 2008-12-11

        Mmmh. That's weird. I cannot reproduce this. Do you have a sample movie where the import fails?

        But I did find an error when searching for a movie and IMDb just returned the movie page. It seems they changed the HTML again.

        http://almosthappy.de/avimanager.patch-2 (relative to 0.9.1 again)

        or you can fix it by hand if you already applied the old patch, as it's only one regular expression change:

        In imdb.pl in extract_imdb_id change

        return $1 if /a href=\"http:\/\/pro\.imdb\.com\/title\/tt(\d+)\/"/gi;


        return $1 if /http:\/\/pro\.imdb\.com\/title\/tt(\d+)\/"/gi;

    • CyberScream

      CyberScream - 2008-12-11

      Hello, If you search for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest at IMDB ID 0383574
      Only 2 actors vill be added ... it seems it has something to do with the headshoots.
      Maybe something is wrong with my imdb.pl, could you please make available an already patched imdb.pl
      maybe that will solve the problem ? ...
      Also another problem for me is that if the movie has a headshoot which is not already downloaded I have to manually
      download that headshoot using the link Download headshots, headshoots will not automatically be downloaded on movie add
      as it supposed to do before ..


      • larsb1

        larsb1 - 2008-12-11

        Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is working fine for me. So probably something went wrong when applying the patch.

        Are you sure the headshots were downloaded automatically before? I could not find any code that would do this. But I liked the idea, so I added it to aviman.pl. The headshots are downloaded before actually saving the movie. So you might have some headshots that don't belong to any movie.

        Here are the updated files:

        Good luck,

        • CyberScream

          CyberScream - 2008-12-11

          Thx a lot man, I think I might have patched the grabber before with some hack that just did the downloading before saving the movie
          I'm not sure but you are probably right.

          I will test these 2 files later tonight and see if it will work, I will let you know the output.
          Thank you for your support on this, not many ppl actually help here, I usually get only spam messages from this project :)

          Have a nice evening.


    • CyberScream

      CyberScream - 2008-12-11

      I changed my own imdb.pl and aviman.pl file with yours and I got into huge trouble because of the aviman.pl file
      it seems that I'm running a much older version than you are, I'm still using the old layout because I liked it better than the newest
      however I changed back to my old aviman.pl and kept your imdb.pl and noe it seems to work like a charm :)

      Thx again for your effort.



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