#129 compilation failt: -mtune-i686 not supported


I have GCC 3.3.6 on Slackware 10.2 (kernel 2.6.13).
Compilation of avifile-0.7-0.7.45 fails because GCC
don't understand -mtune-i686 option.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'm also using Slackware 10.2 with kernel 2.6.16. The
    problem is definitely a big with this software's configure
    scripts since the info files on GCC show that "-mtune" is
    only supported for a few archs, and i386 and kin aren't
    among them. I also seem to remember reading somewhere
    that they consider this option depricated and will
    remove it altogether in the future. For i386, it looks
    like they want you to use "-mcpu" for compiling something
    that will run on an 80386 and higher, while you use "-march"
    for optimizing for only one processor ("-march=pentium3",
    in my specific case). It is also well-known that using
    anyhing above "-O3" creates instability. So my own solution
    was just to manually edit stuff until all it sees is "-O2
    -march=pentium3"; since I'm leaving everything else in
    (particularly the "-ffast_math", i won't use "-fomit-frame-pointer",
    just in case.

    Mike "Storkus" Storke, storkus at yahoo.com

  • Gerald Dalley

    Gerald Dalley - 2006-06-26

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    My solution for now has been to edit configure, look for
    2*) GCCOPT=cpu ;;
    and add an additional line:
    3.3*) GCCOPT=cpu ;;
    2*) GCCOPT=cpu ;;
    Then run ./configure.

    If you're going to run autogen.sh again, then modify
    configure.in instead of configure.

  • Zdenek Kabelac

    Zdenek Kabelac - 2006-08-22

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    shall be fixed with current CVS

  • Zdenek Kabelac

    Zdenek Kabelac - 2006-08-22
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  • Zdenek Kabelac

    Zdenek Kabelac - 2006-08-22
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