#16 A/V delay tags not being read from MPEG files.


I've been having this problem with MythTV recordings for quite some time. The MPEG headers contain an audio delay value which is often quite large - almost 1 second on Australian broadcasts. These can be seen using the program 'mediainfo'.

I checked a file with mediainfo, and it returned a delay of -456ms. When the same file is opened with avidemux, the A/V sync is set to 0ms, and the audio is out of sync when the video is played or saved. When I manually set the sync value to -456ms, the a/v sync is perfect.

AviDemux needs to automatically read the A/V sync value from the MPEG header when a file is opened.

The recordings I am using are from MythTV on Mythbuntu 9.10, from an Australian PAL DVB-T broadcast. The audio sync is usually OK when a file is played through another program, and the delay value is definitely embedded in the header.


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    Mean - 2015-10-28

    Moot with 2.6.x

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    Mean - 2015-10-28
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