#11 Workarround about Avidemux dual audio on batch proccesing


I have found a workarround way to proccess in batch a ReMux with dual audio, based on ffmpeg, wow!

The command is as follows:

$ffmpeg -i InputVideoOnlyFileWithoutAudio.avi -i InputAudioFileForFirstStream.ac3 - i InputAudioFileForSecondStream.ac3 -vcodec -acodec copy OutputVideoFileWithDualAudio.avi -acodec copy -newaudio

Where ovbiously:
- InputVideoOnlyFileWithoutAudio.avi is the file with video stream (no audio on it)
- InputAudioFileForFirstStream.ac3 is the file with desired audio for output first audio stream
- InputAudioFileForSecondStream.ac3 is the file with desired audio for output second audio stream
- OutputVideoFileWithDualAudio.avi is output name for video with dual audio

It does the trick: Remux all three without reencoding nothing, as fast as read and write! Also audio can be of any type (wav, mp2, ac3, etc...) and also each audio stream can be of any type, for expample first on ac2, second on mp2, each with also different bitrate, etc...

This makes an avi dual audio file, playable on Home DVD Players that support XviD / DivX / Mpeg4 / ... Just to select audio press Language key on remote control; on som players it seems to hang for a few seconds, but after a while (fill cache) it continues playing with the other audio stream sound... Great and easy once parameters order for ffmpeg is known.

So why Avidemux does not save Secondary audio stream on projects and on jobs? If run directly it makes an avi dual audio perfectly, but not able to do it on batch mode. -> BUG, BUG, since save and reload changes things. But allmost there is a workaround -> ffmpeg

So no i can let my Fast Three HDDs on Linux Raid0 proccess all, more than three thousand (more than 3000) videos, remuxing video and dual audio from a script, and also better the script is #!/bin/bash with a for iteration... all night will take to proccess all, but hands free with no user interaction.

Thanks to Google that solved my problem with Avidemux.


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    Mean - 2015-10-28

    Moot with 2.6.x

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    Mean - 2015-10-28
    • status: open --> closed
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