Wolfpack78 - 2007-01-10


I downloaded the trial version of avetanaBluetooth and installed it. I use a Bluetooth USB dongle with WIDCOMM driver.

The avetana installation should have been successfull because I don't have any compilation errors.

I created a simple Bluetooth server application that waits for clients to connect and then send them a simple String over RFCCOMM.

I first tested the application (client and server) on J2ME and everything works fine.

Now, I tried to get the server application running on J2SE with avetanaBluetooth. The problem is that the following statement does not function properly:

I can save the value of the discovery mode now in an int variable:
int mode = localDevice.getDiscoverable();

Normally mode should now contains 0x9E8B33 (10390323) as value but in my case the value is always 0 which stands for NON_DISCOVERABLE. Therefore, the client application can't find the Bluetooth server.

Does anybody have some suggestions or solutions???

Thank you in advance.