#14 Support for fuse and lockbit programming from ELF

Peter LaDow

Attached is a patch (against the head) that supports programming the fuses and lock bits from the .fuses and .lock sections in the ELF file.


  • Peter LaDow

    Peter LaDow - 2009-08-21

    The bulk of the changes are in devdescr.cc where I added the size of the .fuses and .lock pages. I used the same code that is used to write the flash and eeprom to write the fuses and lockbits, but just added support for the two additional sections.

    I updated the code for both the mkI and mkII (jtagprog.cc and jtag2prog.cc). I only have an mkII so I can't confirm functionality on other devices, but based upon my understanding of the code it should work.

    However, I have only been able to test it out using an ATmega644 that I have. I've verified that the fuses and lockbits are set appropriately using this method on the ATmega644. For the remainder of the parts I used the header files in avr-libc to determine the size of the fuses. For all the lockbits I assumed a single byte. If this isn't correct please let me know.

  • Joerg Wunsch

    Joerg Wunsch - 2012-11-05
    • assigned_to: nobody --> joerg_wunsch
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
  • Joerg Wunsch

    Joerg Wunsch - 2012-11-05

    Sorry, as already mentioned before, all that ELF file uploading is deprecated
    in AVaRICE, as AVRDUDE covers the same and much more. Regarding ELF files,
    it requires a new release of AVRDUDE in order to cover ELF files as well, but I
    don't want to maintain the same functionality twice.


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