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AvantFAX 3.1.6 Released

AvantFAX 3.1.6
- db-update-316.sql
- increased the amount of modem and DID groups, and fax categories assignable to each user
- includes/faxrcvd.php
- archive support for Fax2Email even if the fax is only printed. Previously, faxes would only archive if emailed.
- includes/FaxQueue.php
- improved fax queue parsing to ignore modems not used by AvantFAX
- fixed problem with process_failed_queue()
- Upgrade script.aculo.us libs to 1.8.2
- Upgrade Smarty libs to 2.6.22
- sendfax.php, refax.php, ajax/faxalter.php
- Changed the fax scheduled delivery feature from NOW+X to use a specific Hour and Minute, ie: send fax at 14:00
- faxcontacts.php, ajax/faxalter.php
- fixed bug
- outbox.php
- shows fax job's status and time to send (TTS)
- upgrade-from-2.3.sh
- added additional check for /faxes and /tmp directory permissions
- includes/config.php
- Removed requirement for FileInfo and mime_content_type if not available, built-in mime_by_suffix function will be used... read more

Posted by Dave 2009-01-09

AvantFAX 3.0.9 Released

- rh-install.sh, sles-install.sh
- added rsync to installation requirements (in order for upgrade script to work)
- includes/faxrcvd.php
- fix attach thumbnail to email
- includes/ArchiveOut.php
- fix the assignment of the fax id
- sendfax.php, refax.php
- added minutes option for sending delayed faxes
- includes/dynconf.php
- added extra control for empty CallID
- inbox.php
- bug fix to show correct DID Group

Posted by Dave 2008-03-02

AvantFAX 3.0.8 Released

- includes/AFAddressBook.php
- bug fixed on line 482
- js/dialog.js
- fix archive fax from viewfax page
- admin outbox.tpl
- removed outbox of the Admin area
- archive.tpl
- images now display whether a fax was sent or received
- includes/FaxPDFArchive.php
- fix view only sent or only received faxes for Superuser
- includes/local_config.php, config.php
- added $USE_CallerIDval for improved Caller ID handling
- js/xhrobject.js
- fix for Firefox
- includes/FaxModem.php
- fix create modem with contact email
- includes/avantfaxcron.php
- new option (-d num-days) for delete faxes in the Archive after specified number of days
- sendfax.php, refax.php
- fix faxing files with filenames that start with 0
- tools/import_blacklist.php
- script added for importing your RejectCall blacklist
- admin area
- added some online documentation... read more

Posted by Dave 2008-02-28

AvantFAX 3.0.4 Released

AvantFAX 3.0.4
- admin/system_func.php
- added missing $error declaration
- sles-install.sh, upgrade-from-2.3.sh, rh-install.sh
- scripts improved
- admin/fax2email_edit.php, includes/templates/admin_theme/templates/fax2email_edit.tpl
- bug fix
- includes/templates/main_theme/templates/archive.tpl
- fix to show username in Archive results
- includes/notify.php
- now adds To Person, To Location, and To Voice number to Address book database
- forgot.php
- added check to require email address
- includes/AFUserAccount.php
- reset password function fixed

Posted by Dave 2008-01-08

AvantFAX 3.0.2 Released

- Optical character recognition support (using Tesseract) for improved keyword searching
- Download your AvantFAX Archive and Database easily from the Admin Control Panel
- Inbound fax notifications include thumbnail of the fax
- Import FAX numbers in vCard format
- Inbox pruning script
- Improved email support library

Posted by Dave 2008-01-04

AvantFAX 3.0.1

Overview of changes from AvantFAX 2.x to 3.x
- improved ajax functionality
- modem status in the Inbox is updated via AJAX
- inbox refreshes only when there's a new fax or a fax has been archived (checks via AJAX every 30 seconds)
- several other additions
- improved accessibility
- improved form and user input processing
- database abstraction
- theme support via Smarty (LGPL)
- improved XHTML and CSS for IE6 and IE7
- initial account is 'admin' and can log into both User and Admin areas
- users can be assigned administrative privileges
- vCard import feature for email contacts
- all email addresses in the contacts area are now global in preparation for the inclusion of LDAP support

Posted by Dave 2007-12-27

AvanFAX 2.2.0 released

Several bug fixes and improvements

Posted by Dave 2007-04-02

AvanFAX 2.1.9 released

AvanFAX 2.1.9 released

Posted by Dave 2007-03-19

AvanFAX 2.1.8 released

Lot's of enhancements

Posted by Dave 2007-03-14

AvanFAX 2.1.5 released

- includes/lang/ru.php - Russian language file updated
- sendfax.php:
- fix create coverpage for fax numbers with spaces and improve fax number parsing
- enhanced the interface
- includes/config.php:
- removed $SF_FILESIZE and $SF_MAXSIZE as they are now found automatically
- removed RELATIVEROOT and NODOCROOT variables
- INSTALLDIR is now found automatically
- Added $SHOW_ALL_CONTACTS to show all Rubrica contacts
- ajaxbook.php: implemented $SHOW_ALL_CONTACTS or search after two characters instead of three
- js/ajaxboo.js: implements $SHOW_ALL_CONTACTS
- includes/functions.php:
- added function to get upload_max_filesize from php.ini
- fixed send_mail function when using an SMTP server
- js/faxcontacts.js - add fax contacts to the sendfax destinations box separated by semicolon to allow commas in fax dialstrings
- file.php - added code to always check if file exists
- pdf.php - update path to download always the latest version of the pdf file selected
- includes/class.faxarchive.php:
- fixed relative path issue
- no longer deletes thumbnail image of fax for later usage in Archive lookup

Posted by Dave 2007-02-28