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AutoWallpaper Final Released!

The Final revision (v2.0.4.2) of version 2.0 has been released! This version is the most stable version to date. It is intended for everyday use without issue. If any bugs are found in this version, they will be fixed for version 2.1. Expect to see AutoWallpaper 2.0 in the Ubuntu software repository in your package manager soon! Thank you for using AutoWallpaper and enjoy!

Posted by inquirewue 2009-04-24

AutoWallpaper Release Canidate

The first Release Canidate of AutoWallpaper 2.0 Linux has been released! The release canidate version is one that is stable yet not fully tested as to be a final finished version. It can be used for everyday use but may still have some bugs. While using AutoWallpaper RC1, please note and bugs and/or glitches in the software so that they may be worked out for the next release.

Posted by inquirewue 2009-04-23

AutoWallpaper (Beta 2) Linux Released!

A newer, more stable, beta version of AutoWallpaper 2.0 for Linux has been released. This version has the name "Beta 2" becasue of the massive changes that occured to AutoWallpaper it seemed logical to increment the revision number. This version fixes A LOT of bugs from the previous version but still having said that, this version isn't quite yet perfected, there could still be some major bugs hiding beneath the cracks. So install and use AutoWallpaper 2.0 Beta 2 with caution. Please help me out by letting me know about any bugs you may encounter. You can email the bug reporting address:, and hopefully soon the online bug reporting page will be up and working. Thank you for trying AutoWallpaper! Enjoy!

Posted by inquirewue 2009-04-14

AutoWallpaper 1.5 Final RC2 Released!

The second release candidate of version 1.5 has been release due to a fatal bug in the first release candidate. This release has be more thoroughly tested and is now available for immediate download.
**Note: This is a Windows release only.

Posted by inquirewue 2009-03-25

AutoWallpaper Linux Beta Released!

The AutoWallpaper Beta for Linux has finally been released! You can download it from here or compile it from source. This beta version is the very first beta, right out of alpha stage, this means that it is VERY BUGGY! Use at your own risk, it dosen't mess with system files so it shouldn't crash your comp but use with caution.

NOTE: Directory paths containing spaces will not work when attempting to change wallpaper, the background will just turn brown.

Posted by inquirewue 2009-03-24

AutoWallpaper 1.5 Final Released!

The final version of AutoWallpaper 1.5 has been released. This version is different from earlier versions in that there is only one installer application, it is 32 and 64 bit compatible. Remember, AutoWallpaper 1.5 still needs the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed in order to run. XP SP3 and Vista already have this framework installed.

Posted by inquirewue 2009-02-11

AutoWallpaper for Linux!

The development for AutoWallpepr for Linux has started!! It will begin at version 2.0 and at that point the windows development will stop (execpt for bug fixes) and Linux development will take over. AutoWallpaper 2.0 will be coded in Qt 4 for quick development and easy updating. Look for the betas in the coming months!

Posted by inquirewue 2009-01-27

AutoWallpaper 1.5 Beta Under Development

AutoWallpaper 1.5 Beta is currently undergoing development. The Alpha stage was a success and the beta stage of development has started. Version 1.5 addresses a number of serious and annoying bugs along with an update user interface. It also includes a different type of data collection for storing image properties so that future version will be easier to create. The version 1.5 beta binaries will be release when beta 2 is started. For now, the alpha and current beta source can be accessed via SVN from read more

Posted by inquirewue 2009-01-24

AutoWallpaper 1.4 Released!

AutoWallpaper version (Final RC1) for both 32 and 64 bit systems has been released. This new version features many bug fixes regarding form control layout and other minor issues. The way pictures are randomly chosen has been changed as well to make it more random. This version is simply a stepping stone for the jump to version 1.5 which has a few radical changes. Version 1.5 is expected to be release in 2-3 weeks.

Posted by inquirewue 2008-09-21

AutoWallpaper 1.2 Released!!!

The latest version of AutoWallpaper, version, has just been released. It is not available from SourceForge in both 32bit and 64bit versions for MS Windows. This new and improved version of AutoWallpaper not only runs faster, but it uses less RAM than previous versions, previously 25Mb, now 15Mb. This is due in part to this new version being split up into DLLs and written partly in C#.

Posted by inquirewue 2008-04-16

AutoWallpaper 1.2 In Development

AutoWallpaper version 1.2 is currently under development. It should be released shortly. AutoWallpaper 1.2 will be the fastest version yet, with some of the code rewritten in C# and through the utilization of DLLs. Error handling and reporting will have a much needed update. Keep an eye out for the upcoming release of version 1.2.

Posted by inquirewue 2008-04-15

AutoWallpaper 1.1 Final Version Released

The final version of AutoWallpaper 1.1 has been released. The final version is current stable release of AutoWallpaper. It fixes major bugs in the previous beta versions including a bug that wouldn't allow the user to shutdown the computer while AutoWallpaper is running. The 64 bit version of AutoWallpaper is coming soon.

Posted by inquirewue 2008-03-07

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