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Help out PCM

I am currently trying to get more people involved in the development of Pro Clan Manager.

Its just gotten way too big for me to do everything myself anymore and I would like more people taking an active role in helping out with managing and development.

There is still a lot more we can do with this project to make it "super awesome".

In the future I would like to implement more AJAX features into the site and add a rich text editor to the website.... read more

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2007-03-15

version 0.4 (Alpha 1) release

In an effort to keep everyone up to date with what is happening I have released Alpha 1 of version 0.4

This version is incomplete but the features that are incomplete will not cause any damage. A few of the major changes are shown below.

As requested I have made sending emails to users optional rather then required when adding new users. If your web server can not use email then it will still create the account anyway and give you the user's password to give to the member yourself.... read more

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2006-05-24

New mailing lists

You can now sign up to the commit mailing list. This means that whenever someone commits to the subversion repository you will recieve an email with the changes made to that file.

To signup to the commit mailing list go to

The developer mailing list is where you can talk about the code of the project and also any problems or bugs you have found and want added to the repository. ... read more

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2006-05-01

New Forums

The source forge forums are a little basic so I have opened a new forum ( for everyone to use. I will add more documentation to the forum if it gets popular.

Right now I have been working on the templates for the member area. This work has been slow because I am also cleaning up and moving code around at the same time. My goal by moving the code around is it won't load up a lot of unnecessary PHP files therefore slowing things down.... read more

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2006-04-30

The upcoming Version and what is in it

Dave and I have been working hard on Pro Clan Manager and its still going to be quite some time before the next release. I thought it was time for a news post describing what we’ve been up to.

First off I spent a lot of time cleaning up the Sourceforge project pages so that it’s useful. The project is now a lot more managed then it was before. Every bug is documented on the “bugs” page and every feature added to the “feature requests” page. If you have a bug or feature you want added go to the Sourceforge project page then go to the appropriate link. Please check that your feature or bug hasn’t already been added.... read more

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2006-04-04

Smarty and Subversion

A few people suggested to me that it would be better if we implemented the smarty template system into pcm. So that’s exactly what I have started doing.

So far I have seen a much better improvement. By going through the template files i have also take all English out of the templates and placed it into the language files so that there is a much improved translation for later on.

Saying this it means that there is also much more English that needs translating into Dutch and Russian so if you can translate then please email me.... read more

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2006-02-27

Getting help with Pro Clan Manager

I'm in the process of getting more help for the pro clan manager project. If you would like to help out check out the Job Description on the main project page.

At the moment i have a university assignment so i won't be doing much work on pro clan manager for awhile.

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2005-11-16

Autoweb Version 0.2 is Released!

After much hard work i have finally finished Autoweb version 0.2. Features include:

- Usernames with the ability for users to add their own pictures
- News postings
- Match Reports
- Edit User permitions
- A Calendar that you can add / remove / veiw dates from
- Site stats that show you how many users have visited your site along
with which users are online at the present moment!

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2003-08-23

Project Update

Alot has been done on the site since version 0.1 came out and if you look at the project site you can see a demo of how different it is. For version 0.2 features will include:

* A new stats bar showing you how many users have been on your site this month and year.
* An original and completely different login system showing you which users are online and when they last logged into the website.
* Themes that can completely change the way the site looks with minimal effort from the user and can be made by anyone with good html skills.... read more

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2003-08-01

Why the lag?

Some of you emailed me asking why there hasnt been much development. Sorry but Ive been really bust at college, but now its time to get my arse in gear and reorganise some of the stuff thats happening.

First of all Im looking for someone that can design good web pages to join my in my quest to rid clans of poorly constructed sites forever.

The other thing is to announce that Im going to completely redo my work. From looking at what Ive done so far with auto web its not what Ive wanted. So Im going to start from the beginning (this time with more knowledge then I had when I started) to bring you guys one great automated clan website as fully customisable as possible.

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2003-06-26

Current Development Status

At the moment I have decided to completely modify the code used to produce Autowebs dynamic content. I have also Changed the template a little too by version 0.2 it should be easier for basic web developers to change the basic website template without so much code in it to confuse the End User.

By doing this itll probably take some time before the next release. Im currently working on a joining system, which will replace the add members system. I will also be addressing the problem of members with edit members permission from editing their own information to upgrade their account and will also add a precaution to stop members from being allowed to delete leaders (In other words con the leaders to giving them edit member status and then deleting the leaders account. Virtually locking the leader out of his own website).

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2003-01-30

Project News

Work on the project is going well. I have started to use a clan template I downloaded from as a guide to creating the automated website. At the moment you can login to the website but that is it for the moment. I am now going to focus on after you have logged into the website and how it differs from when you are not.

Posted by Andrew Fenn 2003-01-02

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