Hi Juergen

I am interested in building the Simulink model for a rotary wing plane. My experience so far has been in fixed wing aircraft.
Have also worked a bit on AHRS and Kalman filters. I hope i can be of use to the project. I am currently implementing an Eigen-structure assignment  based control for a fixed wing business jet. 

By the way, what sort of sensors do you plan to have on board?(MEMS based?)


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Dear all,

a couple of years ago I became interested in rotary wing flight dynamics. Having tried to get to grips with the theory for some time I have recently implemented an old helicopter math model of a UH1-H of 1973 vintage. The program had been used in a pilot simulation and had been tested on an analog computer back then. My program uses matlab/simulink and reproduces the dynamic system response that was measured and simulated in '73 quite closely.

There are seemingly not very many complete heli sims around and I therefore think that more people might be interested in a helicopter simulation that comes with a pretty good documentation. The document upon which the program is based by the way can be found here:


I would like to set up an open source project to develope this model further and there are several ways in which I would like to improve this model:

- To make this a true open source projekt one would have to do away with the simulink part of the model and convert it such that the ode can be integrated by an open source program, either ocatve or perhaps a c++ implemantation that uses gsl.

- The report states that the results in the hovering case did not match measured values quite as good, so here is another field of work to be done.

- My own interest is in gyro planes, so formulae to calculate rotor speed for an autorotating rotor would have to be added. To further improve the model I would like to incorporate a Peters He inflow model and perhaps an aeroelastic rotor model (and of course a propeller thrust model, but that's probably the easiest part..;-)

I would like to invite anyone who wants to contribute in any of the fields of developement to join the effort.

Since I have no experience in setting up an open source software project any hints and support to that end are welcome. I have also posted this thread to the DIY drones site since I have the impression that there are quite some people active there with an interest in math models. To have a common platform of communication I would like to propose that anyone interested in this project posts his/her comments there until a project has been established. The link to the thread is:


Your comments and suggestions on my plan are highly appreciated.



PS: at the DIY drones site I have added a screen shot of the simulink model.

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