It could be an issue with the server running out of memory while dumping that large table.. The --opt switch is used which should disable memory buffering when its dumping the database but perhaps its something else.. It could also be that the table is being locked for a long time which is causing a problem for your website..

Are you able to change the MySQL server settings? eg buffers etc..

An alternative would be to not use the script to backup that database and instead use the mysqlhotcopy command which may work better for a larger database thats always active..

Does seem strange because 

On 2 June 2011 08:44, Ward Loockx <ward@loockx.be> wrote:

I currently use automysqlbackup to backup 10databases. There is one big database that contains a table with +- 780.000records. When mysqlbackup executes it fails (on that table) and brings my websites down (maybe the load is so high that apache processes can't answer in time). Looks like there are a lot of query's executed at the moment of backup and maybe the query's are locking each other.

I also get the following by email:

mysqldump: Error 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query when dumping table `video` at row: 745740

I think this are 2seperate problems:
  • Mysql backup script failing
  • Website's are down (because the use of too many resources?)

Do you guys have any ideas how to fix this? Can you let the script run in low priority mode, so that it doesn't eat the resources and does not lock any tables ?


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