#66 Login Path Support


MySQL 5.6 now adds a warning about putting a password in the command line of a mysqldump command. The supported method is now to use mysql_config_edit to create a login path to your server and then call that. The option should be added to choose between classic user/pass auth and a login path to suppress the warnings that show up in the logs as a result.


  • Teun

    Teun - 2013-11-13

    I create an patch for version automysqlbackup-v3.0_rc6

    It add's a var loginpath to the default config, you need to add it to your own config like:

    Where "client" is the name you gave it with:
    mysql_config_editor set --host=localhost --user=puthereusername --password
    (You can use the -G option to use another name than "client")

    Put the patch in the same directory as the automysqlbackup script and run
    patch -i automysqlbackup-loginpath.patch

  • Ian

    Ian - 2014-06-04


    Good work on this patch. I've noticed that it breaks when you don't use 'client' for the login-path. The mysql, or maybe mysqlshow, command doesn't recognize the login-path argument and, by default, tries the 'client'. If your mylogin.cnf happens to define a client, it continues, but in an undesired way. If I can root out the problem, I'll post a update.

    • Ian

      Ian - 2014-06-05

      New patch attached below. In the config file, add a line like:
      but replace backup with an appropriate profile from your .mylogin.cnf file. I created my backup profile with
      mysql_config_editor set --login-path=backup --user=root --host=localhost --password

      Put the patch in the same directory as the automysqlbackup script and run
      patch -bi automysqlbackup-loginpatch-1.patch

      And, if performance_schema exists in your databases, don't forget to add it to the CONFIG_DB_exclude list.


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