Anonymous - 2012-06-30

I am having a bit of a brain fart and wondering if someone might be able to help out.

I would like to have

and then exclude certain databases in a "wildcard fashion"
CONFIG_db_exclude=( 'information_schema' 'lost+found' 'test' )
CONFIG_db_exclude=("$CONFIG_db_exclude $( \
    mysql \
        --user="$CONFIG_mysql_dump_username" \
        --password="$CONFIG_mysql_dump_password" \
        --host="$CONFIG_mysql_dump_host" \
        --batch \
        --skip-column-names \
        -e "show databases" \
    | grep -P "_(dev|test)$" \
    | sed "s/\s/' '/g;s/^/'/;s/$/'/"
Should provide a list of all databases that end in _dev AND _test
What I get when I echo out CONFIG_db_exclude
information_schema, 'Users_dev' 'adas_dev' 'adas_test' 'audit_dev' 'audit_test' 'cemt_dev' 'cemt_test'
But these databases do not get excluded.