Unexpected token?

  • cliffdangler

    cliffdangler - 2006-08-31

    Can anyone help me with this error please?

    : command not found
    'utomysqlbackup.sh: line 409: syntax error near unexpected token `{
    'utomysqlbackup.sh: line 409: `dbdump () {

    • Harley

      Harley - 2006-08-31

      I don't know what thats all about but if you edited the script on a Windows PC and then uploaded it to the server it may have thrown the long lines off and wrapped them..

      If you did edit it on a Windows PC I would suggest redownloading the script directly to the server and editing it using vi or similar to save the hassle..

      If you didn't edit it on a windows PC then i am not sure whn you are getting the error unless its somthing that has happened when you were setting the parameters for your sever..

      • cliffdangler

        cliffdangler - 2006-09-04

        Hi wipeout,

        Thanks for answering. That's exactly what I did - edit the the script though Dreamweaver on Windows. Would I be able to edit the file through Telnet?

        • Harley

          Harley - 2006-09-04

          Yes.. If you edit it using vi directly on the server you should be fine..

          Make sure and download an original copy first instead of trying to fix the broken one..


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