Installation failed

  • Kouichi

    Kouichi - 2014-07-20

    I'm using Mac OS X Server 10.9.3.

    First of all, failed.

    > ./
    ### Checking archive files for existence, readability and integrity.
    automysqlbackup ... failed

    So I tried manual installation as follows.

    cd /Users/mbsmac/Downloads/automysqlbackup-v3.0_rc6
    sudo chown root:wheel automysqlbackup
    sudo chmod 0700 automysqlbackup
    sudo cp automysqlbackup /usr/local/bin/
    sudo mkdir /etc/automysqlbackup
    cd /etc/automysqlbackup
    sudo cp automysqlbackup.conf myserver.conf
    sudo chmod 666 myserver.conf
    # I changed the following lines in my server.conf in an external editor
    sudo chmod 777 automysqlbackup
    # save the .conf
    sudo chmod 755 automysqlbackup
    # First run
    automysqlbackup /etc/automysqlbackup/servername.conf
    Note: Parsed config file /etc/automysqlbackup/myserver.conf.
    Error: No basedir found, i.e.
    /usr/local/bin/automysqlbackup: line 835: 6: Bad file descriptor
    /usr/local/bin/automysqlbackup: line 836: 7: Bad file descriptor
    Skipping normal output methods, since the program exited before any log files could be created.

    Oh, dear. Any ideas to fix the problem? Perhaps, some kind of platform (Mac)-specifc workaround required here?

  • Mark Phillips

    Mark Phillips - 2014-10-07
    1. is your servername,conf called myserver.conf? The program is looking for myserver.conf

    2. Does /Users/*/mysqlbackup exist (ie your backupdir)?

    Go through the manual steps in the README file and make sure all the files and dirs are in the right places. For example, if you do not use the default backup dir, then you need to tell the config script that it has changed. It should work on a Mac.




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