pbzip2: *ERROR: Output file [-.bz2] already..

  • Scott Austed

    Scott Austed - 2012-01-11

    Can someone help me with this error message?

    pbzip2: *ERROR: Output file  already exists!  Use -f to overwrite…

  • PittaGurneyi

    PittaGurneyi - 2012-01-12


    I'm afraid I need more information like the text surrounding the error to see where it occured. Also please supply me with an output of ls of your directory in which the file -.bz2 is located. The error occured because somehow the filename "-" got passed to pbzip2 for compression and that can only be because for some reason the filename wasn't correctly assmbled. However I can't explain at the moment why the filename would only be "-".


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