line 407: syntax error near unexpected token

  • alternapop

    alternapop - 2009-07-07

    I've downloaded this on an xserve running 10.5.7 and changed a couple of variables.  (username, password, db=all)

    At first i got an error for lines 365 and 371 had to remove the ending semicolons (  if [ "$COMMCOMP" = "yes" ];  )

    now i'm getting this error for line 407:

    bash-3.2# ./
    ./ line 407: syntax error near unexpected token `6'
    ./ line 407: `exec 6>&1'
    ./ line 409: $LOGFILE: ambiguous redirect
    usage: touch [-acfm] [-r file] [-t [[CC]YY]MMDDhhmm[.SS]] file ...
    ./ line 413: $LOGERR: ambiguous redirect

    my first thought is, why am i getting these errors when others appear to not get them?  secondly, how can i resolve the line 407 problem?  i don't see what is causing the error.


    • alternapop

      alternapop - 2009-07-07

      i've found the answer.  the password for my backup user.

      it contained these characters:


      so either the left parenthesis or the exclamation point was causing the error


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